Our COVID-19 Measures

We have taken some measures to ensure that you spend your holiday in the best possible way with the help of you during this covid period in our facility. Zest Exclusive Hotel & Spa, located in Ortakent Yahşi, Bodrum is the St Tropez of the Aegean Coast and is waiting for you to turn your stay into an unforgettable experience. We offer you the home from home comfort and quality by relieving your stresses of everyday life.

A warm welcome with lemon cologne.  Then the temperature of the guest is measured. During check-in, information is obtained by following the social distancing rules. A table with a notification letter about Covid 19, foot disinfectant, mask and gloves are provided in the reception. There is an anti-bacterial mat and waste bin located at the reception entrance. Ventilated and sterilized rooms have been prepared for the guest in sufficient time.

Our bellboy keeps the social distance requirements with mask and gloves and will take the guest to his/her room. Hotel staff use masks under the control of department chiefs and pays due attention to social distancing. Door handles, WCs, keys, etc. frequently touched places are disinfected and wiped.

Textile products such as sheets and towels used in the rooms are washed in the laundry room with special disinfectants at 60-90 degrees. Laundry is a private workplace with a certified license and is constantly inspected.

Dear guests, the measures are for the health of all of us.

Our restaurant has been designed in accordance with the social distance rule, min 1.5 meters between tables. There are hygiene mats at the entrance of our restaurant.

The buffet concept is divided by a 1 meter strip between the guests and the buffet, the guests can see the buffet, the food is served by the chef, guests do not come into contact with the tongs and spoons. Our restaurants and dining areas are disinfected with an ozone device every day. Used cutlery are washed at high temperature, disinfected and served. Our kitchens are cleaned every day and disinfected at the end of the shift. Each department gives information about the virus to its personnel for 10 minutes before starting the shift and gives warnings.

Especially frequently touched surfaces; Maximum attention is paid to the cleaning and disinfection of door handles, buttons, telephone handsets, television and air conditioner controls and toilets. Covid 19 control at the facility is personally followed, implemented, controlled and noted by the owner and department heads.

The pool in the facility is checked every day, measurements are made and the chlorine levels should be kept between 1-3 ppm.
The sun loungers on the beach are adjusted for social distance, they are cleaned every day and disinfectant is applied.
Warehouse and Food Safety Inspection is constantly implemented.
Safe Social Distance warning letters are placed in common areas.
Foods that Support the Immune System are served in our meals.

Dear guests, the precautions we take, the disinfectants and products we use have been prepared in line with the recommendations of our Ministry of Tourism. We will keep in constant communication with our guests and provide them with the correct conditions for them to have a healthy and safe holiday.